No Dig Repair vs. Traditional Excavation

With our no dig repair service, many of the issues that are often associated with a traditional trench digging process, are eradicated. With no dig repair, you can look forward to a restored pipe without the hassle.

Read on to discover some of the biggest benefits of choosing no dig repair over digging a trench.

Save time

Digging a trench takes a lot of planning and preparing, before the actual work can begin. When it does, the digging and trenching process itself can take a fair amount of time and cost, and all of this comes before the time it takes to repair the pipe, fill the trench in and get the space looking just as it did beforehand. With all of that in mind, you can expect a trench digging service to be quite lengthy and time-consuming.

With no dig repair, manual or robotic cameras are used to inspect the pipe remotely and assess the extent of the damage or blockage, before cleaning the pipe and installing a liner / patch repair. The liner / patch repair is inserted and cured in situ, to repair the damage and to ultimately create a brand new pipe within the existing structure. Whilst it does take some time, it’s a much more efficient and less disruptive process than digging a trench. No dig is especially suited to pipes in difficult to access locations or if running under buildings etc..

Cut costs

Without the need to dig a trench comes a much quicker and simpler process, which therefore significantly reduces labour costs. Not only that, you will also save money on the cost of machinery that’s usually required when digging a trench, as well as the added cost of reinstating the trench once the job is complete, along with any landscaping costs required.

Enjoy the benefits of a less disruptive process

There are multiple disruptions involved with digging a trench to repair a damaged or blocked underground pipe.

For example;

  • The time it takes to excavate and then backfill, the use of shoring and safety systems.
  • The disruption to roads and property which can prove annoying for some property owners.
  • The potential disruption that comes from having to implement traffic management systems,.

With no dig repair, the vast majority of these disturbances can be prevented or significantly reduced. about.

Find out more about our no dig repair pipe repair service here.