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Chemical resistant coatings by Power Coatings in Scunthorpe

Offering our services nationwide

Sites that handle a range of chemicals can benefit from our specialised coatings. Whether you're in manufacturing, chemical processing or any other sector requiring safe chemical containment - we've got you covered.

What makes our coatings special?

We offer coatings that are resistant to a wide pH range, from pH2 to pH14. Our coatings are also long-term oil and fuel resistant, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant and most cleaning chemicals.

Wide pH protection

Temperature Resistant

Long term, Low Maintenance Solution

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Coated external brick

Versatile application areas

Our chemical resistant coatings are extremely versatile and can be applied in a variety of settings where chemical resistance is crucial, including chemical storage areas, manufacturing plants and processing facilities.


We also have solutions for lift pit sealing and manhole repair.

Why choose our coating solution

At Power Coatings, we pride ourselves on providing a long-term, low maintenance solution - giving you the very best value for money.

We work around you to ensure minimal downtime and disruption during the application of our coatings, even working evenings and weekends to suit.

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Chemical resistance coating
Keep your business safe, legal & compliant

With one of our chemical resistant coatings tailored to your needs.

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