Polyurethane Infiltration and Leak Sealing Systems

Warren Ultracoat (Ultracoat) is a 100% solids, zero VOC.s (volatile organic compounds e.g. solvents) epoxy resin coating system.

Ultracoat is a waterproof, highly chemical resistant, durable and structural epoxy coating system for the repair, rehabilitation and permanent protection of a wide range of structures and assets.

Ultracoat is our go to epoxy coating. In our opinion it is probably the best epoxy coating system on the market.

The Ultracoat system was developed in the USA by Danny Warren over 25 years ago and has been extensively tested and certified in the USA over the last 25 years and tested in Germany by IKT, Berlin Water and by Sydney Water and Brisbane Water in Australia and is currently under test with UK test houses.

Our operatives at Power Coatings have been using this epoxy resin and its patented delivery system with great success since 2005 on pipes, manholes, pump-chambers, wet wells, bunds, on chemical plants, breweries and food production plants

This system can be used for the restoration, repair and protection of virtually any substrate including, concrete, brick, cast iron, steel, GRP, many plastics and composites.

Ultracoat can be sprayed onto damp substrates with no primer, which increases its range and speed of application.

Ultracoat is sprayed hot from patented delivery equipment and can be applied in one coat up to 8mm thick with no slumping or running. The spray process generates minimal overspray, does not drip when applied to overhead surfaces and can usually be put back into service in 2-3 hours after final application and checking is completed.

Ultracoat contains no solvents of VOCs; it is not flammable and is ideal for use in confined spaces.

The Ultracoat system has a range of complimentary products that include spray coatings, hand applied coatings, mastics, flexible epoxy coating, fire retardant grades and potable water grades.

Ultracoat reinforces the strength of a structure as well as being a waterproof and chemically resistant coating with a pH range of pH2-ph13, resistant to strong acids and strong alkalis (bases) and a wide range of chemicals and fuels.

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