Asbestos and Fibre Cement Encapsulation and Waterproofing Work.


We are able to effectively repair damaged, collapsed and disjointed pipes in diameters from 100mm up to 500mm without the need for excavation. Pipes with root intrusion problems can be treated the same way after removal of the roots in the pipes.

The system is quick, clean, and permanent with minimal disruption to traffic, pedestrians and surrounding infrastructure. The repair is made via a convenient manhole and eradicated the need for costly excavation, traffic management, redirection of pedestrians, road closures etc. Pedestrians and vehicle traffic have free access whilst sewer and drainage pipe repairs are carried out underground.

First the pipe is cleaned and any loose debris is removed using high pressure jetting equipment.

Using the same technology as a surgeon placing a stent to repair a collapsed, narrow or weak artery, we use an inflatable packer (special rubber tube) to insert a reinforced fiberglass ‘stent’ which we call a patch into the pipe by accessing from the nearest suitable manhole.

The packer is inflated at the site of the damage expanding the patch into the damaged area which then cures in 30 –90 minutes.

The patch will cure under water.

Once the patch has cured (hardened) the packer is deflated and withdrawn.

The resulting chemically resistant ‘patch’ is structurally sound, has minimal effect on the diameter of the pipe, is a permanent repair and the work to place the patch has caused minimal disruption to the surrounding roads / footpaths and infrastructure.

Patches can vary in length between 600mm and 5metres, and there is almost no limit to the distance along the pipe from a manhole that a patch can be installed.

In some instances the packer and patch can be used to join pipes of different diameters, realign disjointed pipes. The system works on all pipe materials with the exception of PP and PPE materials.

Waterproofing Work

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