Infiltration and Leak Sealing

We have a range of products and delivery systems capable of effectively dealing with most types of infiltration and exfiltration in any substrate and providing long-term solutions to the problem.

We have extensive experience of and have successfully dealt with infiltration problems in many situations and across many industries; e.g. sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, food processing plants, breweries, digesters, lift shafts, basements and cellars etc.

We have expanding hydrophobic polyurethane resins and polyurethane crack sealing resins that are injected into the substrate that expand and block off the water flow permanently or track along fine cracks and cure to a permanent flexible seal, leaving a sealed substrate ready for coating.

Most manholes and pipe systems suffer from infiltration, especially the older brick manholes and chambers, which in the case of dirty water / sewage systems overcharge the system with clean water that does not need treating and therefore reduces the capacity of the treatment works and increases the operating costs.

In the case of potable water infiltration can lead to increasing treatment and expense before the required purity standard is reached and the water can be sent to the distribution network.

Leak Sealing
Leak sealing services

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