Waterproofing Leaking Lift Pits and Elevator Pits

Waterproofing Leaking Lift Pits and Elevator Pits

Power Coatings ltd have significant experience and expertise in waterproofing all types of pits, shafts, lift & escalator pits. It doesn’t matter if they are constructed from concrete, brick, concrete blocks or metal lined pits! We can waterproof lift pits that are 100 years old, 50 years old or just 5 weeks old. We have tried and tested, proven solutions for them all.


Why do Lift pits leak?

There can be many reasons why water enters a pit. Usually the reasons are a mixture of the following:

  • The existing waterproofing system has been incorrectly applied or damaged during construction
  • The pit is too old for any effective waterproofing system to have been originally installed
  • Adjacent construction has altered or redirected the local water table
  • A nearby water main has burst or drainage has blocked
  • The time of year (wet weather can increase the water table)How does the water get in?
  • Depending on the type of construction water can enter a lift pit though several ways:
  • If the lift pit is constructed from roughcast concrete (i.e. poured concrete walls in shuttering) there will be a construction or ‘kicker joint’ as it is more commonly known. Water can enter through this weak point.
  • If there are any other cracks or imperfections in the concrete walls or base, water will enter through these areas also.
  • Brickwork can have leaking joints and porous brick.
  • Wall to base construction joints are a regular leaking problem in all types of lift pits.

How do we fix it?

The most common systems we use for existing pits are:

  • Reactive dual component hydrophobic expanding polyurethane grouts.
  • Single component polyurethane expanding grouts.
  • Flexible non-expanding crack sealing resins.
  • Dual component epoxy resin coating.
  • Polyurea coatings.
  • Cement based render & waterproof grout technology, which is an environmentally friendly, fast setting, high early strength concrete repair material that starts to set in 35 minutes.
  • Our specifications usually involve a mixture of systems. This is dependant on the construction and extent of the problem.

Power Coatings ltd waterproofing specifications are designed to form a permanent waterproof seal to the structure and are applied both on the positive (external) and negative (internal) faces of the pit or shaft.

These specialist repairs are carried out without any major disruption or dismantling of the lift mechanism. Ultimately this means less inconvenience, minimal lift down time and cost effective solution for the client.

In what buildings will our products work in?

We install waterproofing systems to lift pits and escalator pits that are of any age. We have repaired and waterproofed buildings from new builds up to buildings of 100 yrs. old.

We carry out lift pit repairs to hotels, large company headquarters, commercial units, factories, schools, hospitals, large houses, sheltered housing schemes and care homes. We also recognise the problems that can be created when working in sensitive environments. We work with our client and our H and S team to ensure that the works we carry out are done so with minimum disruption.