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Fareham lift pit

Secure your lift pits with Power Coatings of Scunthorpe

Offering our services nationwide

Lift pits in buildings are vulnerable to water infiltration and structural wear.  Our specialised coatings not only waterproof the area but also add structural strength, ensuring the safety and longevity of your lift system.

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Elevate the safety and longevity of your lift pits

Why opt for lift pit coating?

Prevent Water Damage

Enhance Structural Integrity

Reduce Maintenance Costs

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Lift pit sealed with our unique mix

Waterproofing leaking lift pits

Power Coatings Ltd specialises in waterproofing all types of pits, shafts, lifts and escalator pits.


It doesn’t matter if they are constructed from concrete, brick or concrete blocks.

We can waterproof lift pits that are 100 years old, 50 years old or just 5 weeks old.


We have tried and tested, proven solutions for them all. Get in touch with our specialists.

Why does water enter a pit?

There can be a variety of reasons why water infiltrates a pit, often resulting from a combination of factors. These can range from the absence of any tanking or waterproofing system to the incorrect application or damage to an existing waterproofing layer during construction.

In some cases, the pit may be too old to have had an effective waterproofing system installed in the first place!

Seasonal changes can also play a significant role with wet weather potentially raising the water line above you lift pits proofing level.

Whatever the reason, don't let a small problem become much bigger. Speak to our team of experts today and see how our solutions could save you ££££s in the long run.

Lift pit during sealing
Flooded lift pit

Don't settle for substandard waterproofing systems

At Power Coatings we utilise a range of cutting-edge systems tailored to your specific needs. 

Our approach usually incorporates a blend of systems, meticulously chosen based on the specifics of your buildings construction and the extent of your water filtration issue.

Don't compromise on the safety and longevity of your pit; choose our specialised systems for a comprehensive and lasting solution.

Chat to us about your lift pit

We have successfully solved a wide variety of customer leak sealing, waterproofing and chemical containment issues. Let us know what your specific issue is and we will give you a quick, honest and plain speaking recommendation for your review.

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