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Trade effluent holding tank

Manhole repair and rehabilitation by Power Coatings of Scunthorpe

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Don't let damaged manholes compromise the safety and compliance of your premises. Our quick and efficient manhole repairs can protect your assets and keep you compliant.

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Why do manholes need relining?

Older manholes constructed from engineered and vitrified bricks are highly resistant to chemicals, especially sulphuric acid. However, the cement mortar bonding these bricks is especially vulnerable to chemical and H2S attacks, compromising the structural integrity over time. Similarly, unprotected concrete manholes suffer from the same issues, leading to surface erosion and in extreme cases, exposed rebar.

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Manhole with ladder

When should manholes be repaired?

The need to repair your manhole can become evident from a variety of symptoms like infiltration issues and environmental pollution. 

Structural failures, such as damage to concrete benching, and pipe connections, as well as ground subsidence are also indicators that immediate action is required.

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How do we address manhole issues

Our comprehensive process for manhole repair includes site visits, problem identification and a range of remedial actions. These may encompass leak sealing, surface preparation, mortar joint repair and the application of protective coatings.

Upon completion, we issue a guarantee for the work carried out, giving you long-term peace of mind!

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Live main sewer, vv high H2S

Where can our services be utilised?

Our manhole repair and relining services are versatile and can be applied across a wide range of locations across the UK.

Whether it's urban sewers, industrial drainage systems or rural water control structures, we have the experience and expertise to help. 

Over the years we have served building owners, businesses and water companies throughout the UK from our base in Scunthorpe.

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