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Closeup of textured concrete wall

Tanking & waterproofing solutions by Power Coatings in Scunthorpe

Offering our services nationwide

Power Coatings of Scunthorpe offer comprehensive tanking and waterproofing services throughout the UK - including London.

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Why choose our tanking and waterproofing services?

Choosing Power Coatings means investing in long-term structural integrity. Water damage can lead to costly repairs and operational downtime.

Our meticulous approach to surface preparation and coating ensure that you get the most durable waterproofing solution - reducing long-term maintenance costs and enhancing the life span of your structures.

Comprehensive Surface Preparation

Solutions for all Surfaces

Collaborative Site Coordination

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How do we do it?

First, we focus on stopping any active leaks to prepare the substrate for coating, using specialised hot air dryers if it is still too wet for immediate coating.

Once the surface has been prepared - a crucial step that we will never miss out or skimp on! - the chosen coating is applied.

This can be done either by hand or spray depending on the material and site constraints.

After curing, we inspect the coated surfaces for any imperfections, make necessary touch-ups and clean down the site of our work.

Signing the project off once everything is complete, ensuring you have a long-lasting and effective solution that you are happy with!

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Who can benefit from our tanking & waterproofing services?

We offer tanking and waterproofing solutions for a wide range of structures and industries. Whether you have basements, tunnels, shafts, culverts, tanks or sumps. Our services are designed to meet your needs. 

We also specialise in waterproofing all types of pits, shafts and lift and escalator pits.

Before tanking coating
after tanking coating

Tanking & waterproofing across the UK

Power Coatings offer our range of waterproofing & tanking services throughout the UK from our base in Scunthorpe.

Get in touch with us today for any queries.

Whatever your tanking & waterproofing needs

Speak to our expert team to see how Power Coatings can support you!

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